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    This is a photo album of vintage photographs and paintings for anyone to use if they collage or scrapbook in the old way like I do. I will work on posting new images from day to day!
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October 31, 2008


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LuLu Kellogg

Hi Selia....I am so glad I found your lovely everything is! I am listening to your beautiful music right now in my studio as I work. I will stop by and visit again soon.

Have a wonderful week.

Kind Regards,
LuLu Kellogg
Coastal Sisters


Congratulations on winning the goodies at Wren Cottage! I had never visited your blog before but, it is charmming! It is beautiful. I will come back often.


Dear Selia,

We love Alice here, too! Maybe because we feel like we live in Wonderland? And evening grosbeaks are such fun birds; they only visit here for a week or two each year, on their way to somewhere more exciting! We're excited to see the fairy house, when you've finished.



Lady Laurie

Dear Selia,
Everything you share is such a delight! I imagine your home to be such a wonderful haven of beauty. The watercolor is amazing ~ I thought I was looking at a vintage postcard! When I come across vintage things I too imagine who they belonged to and the history behind them. Thank you so much for sharing your treasures.

P.S. I love this China Rose by Enya.

Madai ( WrenCottage on flick'r )

Oh Selia, what a delight to visit with you... I didn't know about the real Alice, isn't she adorable?!! And love, love, love all your sweet antiques, I just love things with a history... your gatherings and vignettes are magic! And look at you, wow, you are an artiste :) The grossbeaks are amazingly beautiful!!! I'm just blown aways with how talented you are! So glad you our paths crossed :)
Have a beautiful week!!
Hugs ~*~*~*~ Madai


Dear Selia,

I love the vintage photo of Alice!!! Those old shoes are so sweet and your drawer full of treasures is delightful and lovely! The Victorian photo pin is quite a treasure. I have never seen anything like that before. I love all your writings about these things!

The old watch maker's cabinet is fabulous and will be perfect for your paints!

The watercolor of your Evening Grosbeaks is so gorgeous! Selia you are very talented! I know what a difficult medium watercolors can be and you did a beautiful job! I love that you found one happily singing in your bathroom! We have a Carolina Wren that likes to come in our home to visit and when we lived in town we had one that came in often. He would sit on the back of our couch and then fly back out the door. I loved it!

Last winter we saw Rose breasted Grosbeaks for the first time. We were so excited. I wish I could have captured them as prettily as you did yours!

Thank you for sharing all your pretty things and the new recipe!

Blessings, Paula


Oh goodness, What Gorgeous photos!!! Still love your banner, I think it look so beautiful on your page {if I can say that, haha! ;)
LOVE the pic of Alice with her sisters, just simply Adorable!!!!
Have a beautiful Sunday :)
Tiff :)

M. Lauren of ButtonWillow Cottage

A bit of precious time today to stop by and say hello at some neighboring cottages. It looks positively cozy here! Although the weather has turned chillier it looks as if you have such a lovely spot to warm your heart. Your watercolor is beautiful, I'm sure the bird was quite an inspiration.
Do enjoy your Autumn, wont you dear?

Mistress Lauren
ButtonWillow Cottage


Oh I love that poem Selia. 'All in the golden afternoon, full leisurely we glide...' You are right, Alice isn't a bit like we have all been lead to believe from our story books. Her relationship with Lewis Carroll makes quite a touching tale. And how about those shoes. Aren't they marvellous. They look mid Victorian and what a complex pattern and such thin soles. I love old treasures like yours. You can feel the past just by handling them can't you? I fear I've collected rather too many 'treasures' over the years and wonder what will happen to them when I'm gone. I don't think my kids would have room for them all so I've made an effort to slow down my collecting (just for a while!) We don't have Grosbeaks in Britain. They look pretty little birds and very well painted by clever you. The cabinet for your paints is a very appealing idea, its amazing what great furniture there is out there. They don't make it like they used to. So the fairy house is progressing well. I can tell you've been very busy this week and I can't wait to see it. Keep up the hard work. Eli


Oh you must read The Other Alice

It is the most interesting and charming book. I highly recommend it. Wow, your watercolor is just so beautiful You are very talented. Clarice

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