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September 25, 2009


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Hey Selia, what a surprise I got when you popped into Flutterby Patch to say hello. I'm so glad you are back as I've missed your lovely creatve posts. Looks like you enjoyed England, the trip must now seem a lifetime ago.


Oh! everything looks so beautiful!! I love the history of that area. What a wonderful trip.



Hi Selia :) Oh my goodness, your England photos are stunning, just Beautiful!!!! I'm so jealous, I'd love to go one day!!!
Love the flowers and the fountain....I'd like to have that in my backyard too!
Thanks for sharing!
xo Tiff


Thank you both! We are still in the process of looking around here...I do wish I could live in a cooler climate though! I really want to see a good snow!


Welcome back Selia, how lovely to see a post form you. You have been missed. What a summer you have had. It is a lot of work selling and buying a home. Hang in there. Will you be moving far?? I hope you find just the perfect home xoxoxox Clarice

Debra Howard

Very beautiful post. I have always wanted to visit the UK.


Thank you everyone! What kind words! I have been having computer problems but plan to get the France post up in a couple of days! I am trying to visit everyone but keep getting bumped off...frustrating!


So glad you are back! Thank you for acknowledging all of us who wanted to see your kind words and face again!


Lovely to have you back in blog land! What a wonderful trip:-)


I am so glad to see your blog up and flowing again. It was your blog that got me started bloging and I truely enjoy reading all about your travels. Glad to see you back.


Dearest Selia,

I am so HAPPY to see you are blogging again. I have missed you so very much!!! We all have missed you!!! Thank you for sharing more of your beautiful trip. I look forward to seeing France, too.

Oh, England is gorgeous! I would love to go there. All of those flowers are so beautiful. I wish you could have brought some home. I am glad you were able to bring home some daisies from Stone Henge to press... a sweet remembrance of a memorable place! You are so right, England is rich with history. It must have been amazing to be there and see so many beautiful and historical places. I am so glad you were able to visit with your dear friend.

The pastel artwork is simply amazing! What a gifted artist! I could not bear the thought of the rain washing it away either! I love the fountain and the flowers overflowing the window boxes. You are so gorgeous dear friend!!!

I enjoyed reading the Art of Traveling and the quote. Again, I am so happy you are blogging!!!! I can hardly wait until your next post!

Much love and blessings,


Dear Selia,

I'm so happy to "see" you! Oh, to be in beautiful England~what beautiful photos.

May your day be filled with love and blessings,


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