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    This is a photo album of vintage photographs and paintings for anyone to use if they collage or scrapbook in the old way like I do. I will work on posting new images from day to day!
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September 10, 2010


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Ana Harshaw Our Front Porch

Morning Selia :) Just found your lovely blog and am enjoying very much. Will continue to visit each morning. Thank you so much for caring & sharing with an older lady In Christ during her meditation time. I've open a second window and turned on a classical piano playlist. Have a pleasant day as I will after enjoying your awesome blog. Sincerely, ana harshaw


Thank you so much Natalie! Some go in my kitchen and some in spare rooms but most go in the garage. My husband has told me that he is building me a little greenhouse to store everything. (he is tired of not being able to park in the garage in the winter!) :O) I am so excited!!!

Natalie Friesen

Love the painting you did for your mother. You are a very talented individual. Yes, I have started to bring in my geraniums for the winter. I am planning on hanging some brackets in the kitchen this year to accomodate more. Looking forward to see how they do. I saved one batch last winter and all summer it looked remarkable like a small shrub instead of a geranium. (:


Your gardens and painting are beautiful. I'm new here and am having a lovely time browsing.

God bless you.

Liz Huber

So Glad to see your posting again, Selia.
Your late summer garden looks lovely.
I have a Hawaiian Plumeria that I bring indoors each winter, but other than that I don't overwinter anything indoors. My garden is mostly perennials, and if they don't survive the harsh, Utah winters, they don't. I just try again with something else.
Meanwhile, I too have felt the urge to cook delicious things, now that fall is coming. I've just tried the most amazing rolls, (Google: Lion House Rolls) with their accompanying honey butter.
I've also got out my needlework; crocheting & embroidery. Isn't it funny how when the weather cools, it prompts us to change all our activities and focus? I love that!
Keep blogging. It's such a treat to read yours on a busy-work-a-day!


your painting is stunning. You are so talented xoxo Clarice


Dearest Selia,
I cannot express how happy I was to discover a new post from you! I hope you have enjoyed your summer travels and will enjoy all the delights autumn will bring! You have wonderful plans! I enjoyed your gorgeous photos so much and your beautiful writings! The sun's rays coming through the first photo is so beautiful! Your raised beds and flowers are so pretty and cheerful! You are a very gifted gardener and painter! I love the painting you did for your mother. What a beautiful treasure! The colors are wonderful and the lady is gorgeous! I hope you will be able to post more often too, I have missed you so much sweet friend! I look forward to the recipe you will share. I am ready for autumn as well, it has been a very hot and humid summer. I love the sweet quote you shared. Laura Ingalls Wilder is a favorite of mine.

Have a beautiful week!
Love, Paula


So excited to see you back in blogland, Selia! You came up as the first one on my list of favorite blogs. Love your raised beds. Might try that next year. Looking forward to the recipe! xxoo

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